Domestic Travel Insurance: What You Need to Know

Imagine this: you’ve planned the perfect domestic trip, exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Australia or perhaps enjoying a relaxing cruise along its picturesque coastlines. Excitement fills the air as you prepare for your much-anticipated adventure. But have you considered the importance of domestic travel insurance?

Inclusions and Exclusions

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What can domestic travel insurance cover?

It’s crucial to understand that the coverage you receive will depend on your chosen insurance policy. However, here are some common areas that domestic travel insurance can provide protection for:

Lost, damaged or stolen belongings: Whether it’s during transit or after reaching your Australian destination, the fear of losing or having your personal items stolen is all too real. Domestic travel insurance can offer financial defense by covering the cost of replacing lost, damaged, or stolen items, as per the limits stated in your policy.

Cancellation cover: Your domestic policy may potentially reimburse you for trip cancellation fees, costs, or lost deposits if delays and cancellations are out of your control. For instance, if your flight is canceled, causing you to incur additional expenses to reach a concert in another city, your travel insurance policy could cover some of these costs.

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Rental car insurance excess: When renting a car, you usually need to take out insurance from the rental company. In case of an accident, you may be liable for an excess fee. Domestic travel insurance can step in and cover the cost of this rental vehicle excess, ensuring you’re not burdened with unexpected expenses. It’s worth noting that rental car excess cover may be an optional add-on to your policy.

Cruise cover

While domestic travel insurance policies typically don’t include cruise cover as a standard feature, it can be added as an extra for those planning a cruise holiday. This addition is especially crucial, as Medicare and hospital insurance won’t cover medical expenses for injuries or accidents sustained onboard a ship, including cruises within Australian waters. Additionally, having cruise cover enables assessment of any claims for cancellation fees due to delayed or canceled cruises.

What does domestic travel insurance exclude?

Although domestic travel insurance offers valuable coverage, there are instances where you may not be covered. Here are some common exclusions to be aware of:

  • Already compensated: If you’ve already been reimbursed by the airline or travel service provider for delayed flights, cancellations, or lost valuables, your travel insurance may not cover the same costs.

  • Unlicensed operation of vehicles: It’s essential to ensure you have the required license when operating any vehicle. Accidents that occur while driving without the necessary license may not be covered.

  • Scuba diving without a licensed instructor: To ensure your safety, always engage in scuba diving under the supervision of a licensed professional. Otherwise, your travel insurance policy may not cover any incidents that arise.

  • Injuries from activities not covered by your policy: Specific activities, such as adventure sports or extreme winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, may require additional coverage or disclosure to your travel insurance provider to ensure you are protected.

  • Under the influence: If you injure yourself while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your travel insurance may not cover the medical expenses.

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When it comes to domestic travel, ensuring you have a comprehensive insurance plan is a wise decision. Domestic travel insurance provides protection against various unforeseen circumstances, such as lost belongings, trip cancellations, rental car excess, and even cruise emergencies. However, it’s essential to understand the specific coverage of your policy and be aware of any exclusions to avoid any potential disappointment. So, before you embark on your next domestic adventure, make sure you’re adequately covered with domestic travel insurance. Your peace of mind is worth it.

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