Jack Whitehall Announces Exciting New Spin-off Show on Netflix

Jack Whitehall Announces Exciting New Spin-off Show on Netflix

Jack Whitehall, the beloved comedian, has delighted Netflix fans with the news of a new spin-off show. After two years since their last project, Jack and his dad, Michael, will be teaming up once again for an upcoming series called “Fatherhood with My Father.” The announcement, made on Instagram, showed a photo of the father-son duo, creating a buzz among their dedicated followers.

Reunion of the Dynamic Duo

“Putting the old crew back together for one last job,” announced Jack with enthusiasm. The response from fans was overwhelming, with one commenting, “That is great. I can’t wait!” Another fan expressed their love for Jack’s dad, saying, “Love the deadpan humor of your dad.” A third follower shared their excitement, exclaiming, “This is the best news ever! My fiancé and I watch Travels all the time on repeat!”

Travels and Adventures

In 2017, Jack and his dad embarked on a hilarious journey in the hit Netflix series “Travels With My Father.” The six-part comedy documentary took them from Thailand to Vietnam, exploring Burma and Cambodia along the way. The following year, they continued their escapades in Europe, encountering boozy bikers in Budapest, cheesy Europop in Moldova, and even marching clowns and gun-toting Cossacks in Ukraine.

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Their travels didn’t stop there. They explored the Western United States, Australia, and the UK in subsequent seasons, capturing the hearts of viewers with their unique bond and entertaining adventures.

Inspired by Parenthood

This year, Jack and his partner, Roxy Horner, welcomed their first child, a daughter named Elsie, in September. The arrival of their little one has inspired their latest series. Jack and Roxy recently revealed the endearing story behind their baby girl’s name, Elsie. A source shared, “‘Elsie is a beautiful baby, and Jack and Roxy have picked a lovely name to fit. Everyone is thrilled.”


Q: Can I watch previous seasons of “Travels With My Father?”
A: Yes, all five seasons of “Travels With My Father” are available on Netflix, giving you the opportunity to catch up on their hilarious adventures before the new spin-off show.

Q: When will “Fatherhood with My Father” be released?
A: The release date for the upcoming series has not yet been announced. Stay tuned for updates!

Q: Are Jack and his dad still close in real life?
A: Absolutely! The incredible bond between Jack and his dad extends beyond the screen. Their close relationship is evident in their on-screen chemistry and off-screen interactions.


Jack Whitehall’s announcement of a new spin-off show on Netflix has caused a wave of excitement among fans. As viewers eagerly await the release of “Fatherhood with My Father,” they can look forward to more hilarious adventures and heartwarming moments shared by Jack and his dad. Stay tuned for updates on this highly anticipated series.

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