Taking Your Thai Spouse or Partner to Australia

If you’re an Australian citizen or permanent resident and you’re married to a Thai woman, you may be considering taking her to Australia for a vacation or even to live with you. This article will guide you through the visa options available and the requirements you need to fulfill.

Australian Tourist/Visitor Visa

The easiest visa to obtain in this category is the Tourist/Visitor visa. However, Thai residents are classified as ‘high-risk’ by Australian Immigration, so the process is more complex. Both you and your Thai spouse would need to provide detailed applications and supporting documents. Being married to an Australian does not guarantee entry for your spouse, even for tourism purposes or to visit you and your family. The Department of Home Affairs considers various factors, such as your Thai partner’s character, medical condition, likelihood of returning to Thailand, financial capacity to support the visit, and the strength and genuineness of your relationship. The processing time for a simple 3-month Tourist visa is usually between 5 and 20 business days.

Taking your Thai wife or partner to Australia

Partner Visa for Permanent Residency

Alternatively, you can apply for a Partner visa, which leads to Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia and allows your spouse to work if desired. This visa is more complicated to obtain than a Tourist/Visitor visa, and the processing time can be lengthy. However, with the assistance of a competent and experienced Migration Agent, you can navigate the process and achieve your goal of bringing your Thai partner to Australia.

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Taking your Thai wife or partner to Australia


Here are some frequently asked questions about taking your Thai spouse or partner to Australia:

  1. Q: I’m from the Philippines and in a long-term relationship with an Australian. We want to move to Australia. What can we do?
    A: Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for a Partner visa or other visa options. Consult with a Migration Agent for personalized advice.

  2. Q: What do I need to know about Australian Companion visas?
    A: Companion visas are available for partners/spouses of Australian citizens or permanent residents. They provide a pathway to permanent residency in Australia.

  3. Q: Do all Companion visa applicants need a visa sponsor?
    A: Yes, all Companion visa applicants need a sponsor who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

  4. Q: What happens if my relationship breaks down while applying for a Companion visa or Fiancé visa?
    A: Relationship breakdown can complicate the visa process. Seek guidance from a Migration Agent for specific advice in your situation.

  5. Q: What are the character requirements for applying for an Australian visa?
    A: The character requirements include providing police clearances and demonstrating good character traits.


Taking your Thai spouse or partner to Australia requires careful consideration of the visa options available and meeting the eligibility criteria. Whether you choose a Tourist/Visitor visa or a Partner visa, seeking guidance from a qualified Migration Agent is recommended to ensure a smooth process. Start planning your journey with iBlog and bring your loved one closer to your Australian home.

Written by Luke Gorham ©2022 Australian Visa Advice.

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