Where The Tourist Was Filmed: Discover the Stunning Locations of the BBC Drama


The BBC’s hit drama series, The Tourist, has captivated audiences since its New Year’s Day premiere. With its gripping plot and breathtaking visuals, many have compared it to a cult action classic. If you’re curious about the stunning locations where this thrilling series was filmed, we’ve got you covered.

Filming Down Under

The Tourist was not only set in Australia but was also filmed on location there. The cast, including the talented Jamie Dornan, was joined by Australian actors Danielle Macdonald, Damon Herriman, and Shalom Brune-Franklin. The production lasted 17 weeks, creating an immersive experience for both the actors and the audience.

South Australia: A Land of Beauty

The majority of the filming took place in Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia. Additional regional towns such as Port Augusta and Peterborough also served as crucial settings for the series. South Australia welcomed this production with open arms, with its Premier, Steven Marshall, referring to it as the biggest TV production the area had ever seen. The Tourist was not only an artistic endeavor but also a boost to the local economy, creating jobs and injecting millions of dollars into the region.

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Flinders Ranges: A Memorable Petrol Station

The petrol station that features prominently in The Tourist was built specifically for the show. Located in the scenic Flinders Ranges, this area is home to South Australia’s largest mountain range. With protected areas like Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park and Mount Exceptional National Park, the rugged beauty of this region adds an intriguing dimension to the series.

Adelaide: A Vibrant Cityscape

Adelaide, situated on the south coast of Australia, provided the backdrop for many city-based scenes in The Tourist. The Frewville Motor Inn, a motel in a small suburb of Adelaide, became a notable location during the shooting. The production team even recreated Bali’s Kuta-Legian strip on North Haven beach in Adelaide, showcasing the versatility of this captivating city.

Port Augusta: A Hidden Gem

The smaller city of Port Augusta in South Australia also played a significant role in The Tourist. Extras were recruited from this area and others nearby, highlighting the local community’s involvement in the production. With its intriguing history as a former seaport, Port Augusta adds a unique charm to the series.

Peterborough: A Mysterious Setting

Peterborough, located just off the Barrier Highway, offers a remote and sparsely settled environment, perfect for a story of mystery and amnesia. This town became the backdrop for some of the most memorable scenes in The Tourist, adding to the intrigue and complexity of the plot.


Q: Where can I watch The Tourist?
A: The Tourist airs on BBC One at 9 pm on Sundays, and you can also stream the entire series on iPlayer.

Q: Will there be a second season of The Tourist?
A: While no official announcement has been made, the show’s popularity and enthusiastic fan base have sparked discussions about a potential second season. Stay tuned for updates!

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The Tourist takes viewers on a thrilling journey through the stunning landscapes of South Australia. From the vibrant city of Adelaide to the remote beauty of Flinders Ranges, each location adds depth and authenticity to the series. If you haven’t watched it yet, don’t miss out on this gripping drama that has become a game-changer for Jamie Dornan and the entire cast. It’s time to embark on an unforgettable adventure with The Tourist.

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