Is Japan Expensive? The Ultimate Budget Guide

Japan is a country that attracts travelers from all over the world with its unique culture, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cities. However, many people wonder if Japan is an expensive destination to visit. In this guide, we will break down the costs of traveling in Japan and provide budget tips to help you plan your trip without breaking the bank.

Accommodation in Japan

Finding affordable accommodation is essential when traveling on a budget. In Japan, you have several options to choose from, including hostels, hotels, apartments, and unique accommodations.

Hostels in Japan

Hostels are a great option for budget-conscious travelers. They provide an affordable and social atmosphere for meeting fellow travelers. In Japan, the average price for a hostel is around $15-$30 per night. Some popular hostels include UNPLAN Shinjuku, Air Osaka, and Backpackers Hostel K’s House.

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Apartments in Japan

Renting an apartment through platforms like Airbnb can be a cost-effective option, especially for longer stays. Prices for apartments in Japan vary depending on location and size, but you can usually find a good one for around $70-$100 per night.

Hotels in Japan

Hotels can be pricier compared to other accommodations, but there are budget options available. Mid-range hotels in Japan can cost around $120 per night, while nicer hotels can be closer to $175 per night. Staying further away from city centers often offers more affordable prices.

Unique Accommodations in Japan

Japan offers unique accommodation experiences such as Manga Kissa (manga cafes), capsule hotels, and ryokan (traditional Japanese inns). These options can provide a cheap alternative or a more luxurious experience, depending on your preference.

Transportation in Japan

Transportation costs in Japan can be one of the biggest expenses for travelers. However, there are ways to save money while getting around.

Train Travel in Japan

Trains are the most efficient way to travel around Japan, and the JR Pass is a great money-saving option for tourists. The JR Pass allows unlimited train travel within a specified period. Prices for the JR Pass range from $269 for a 7-day pass to $549 for a 21-day pass.

Bus Travel in Japan

Buses are a cheaper alternative to trains in Japan, although still not as affordable as other countries. The Japan Bus Pass offers discounted bus travel for 3 or 5 days, with prices starting at $116.

Intercity Travel in Japan

Getting around within cities in Japan is relatively inexpensive. Metro lines and buses are affordable options for traveling within urban areas.

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Renting a Car in Japan

Renting a car in Japan can be expensive due to high rental costs, insurance fees, fuel prices, and tolls on expressways. It is generally not recommended for budget travelers.

Food and Drink in Japan

Japan is known for its delicious cuisine, but eating out all the time can be costly. Here are some tips for eating cheaply in Japan.

Konbini (Convenience Stores)

Konbini stores like 7/11, Lawson, and FamilyMart offer affordable and tasty food options. You can find pre-packed bento boxes, instant noodles, and various snacks at low prices.

Supermarkets and Cooking for Yourself

Supermarkets like AEON offer cheaper food options compared to convenience stores. Cooking in your hostel or apartment is a budget-friendly way to experience Japanese cuisine. Japanese produce, noodles, and tofu are reasonably priced.

Cheap Eateries and Fast Food

Ramen bars and curry houses like Coco Ichibanya offer budget-friendly meals. You can enjoy a bowl of ramen or a Japanese-style curry for around $5-$10.

Drinking in Japan

Alcohol can be affordable in Japan. Beers from local breweries like Kirin, Sapporo, and Asahi can be purchased at supermarkets or konbini for around $2. Sake (nihonshu) and shochu are other popular drink choices with a range of prices.

Activities and Sightseeing in Japan

Japan offers a wide range of historical sites, cultural experiences, and unique activities. While some attractions may have entrance fees, there are affordable options available.

Historical Sites and Shrines

Many historical sites and shrines in Japan have low entrance fees or are even free. The cost to visit these sites usually ranges from $4.50 to $9.

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Quirky Experiences

Japan is known for its quirky attractions, such as go-karting on the streets of Tokyo or karaoke booths. These activities are moderately priced and can range from $9 to $70.

Onsen (Hot Springs)

Visiting an onsen is a must when in Japan. Prices for local public onsen can be as low as $4, offering a relaxing and affordable experience.

Tipping in Japan

Tipping is not a common practice in Japan and can even be considered rude. It is best to refrain from tipping unless it is a specific service where tipping is expected, in which case it is customary to present the tip inside an envelope.

Travel Insurance for Japan

Travel insurance is essential when visiting Japan or any other country. Safety Wing is a highly recommended option for backpackers and digital nomads, offering flexible and affordable coverage.

Saving Money in Japan

If you are on a tight budget, there are several ways to save money in Japan:

  • Hitchhiking: Hitchhiking is a viable option in Japan, and many people are willing to offer rides and sometimes even provide food.
  • Camping: Bringing a tent and sleeping bag allows you to camp in various locations, including parks or urban environments.
  • Volunteering: Worldpackers is a great resource for finding volunteering opportunities in Japan, which often provide accommodation and meals.
  • Water Bottle: Carry a reusable water bottle and refill it at fountains and taps to avoid buying bottled water.
  • Earn Money While Traveling: Consider becoming an English teacher in Japan to make ends meet.
  • Busking: Street performances can be a way to earn money while traveling in Japan.
  • Skip the SIM Card: Take advantage of the abundant WiFi availability in Japan.
  • Charging Your Gear: Make sure to bring a travel adapter for Japan to keep your devices charged.
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While Japan can be an expensive destination, it is possible to visit on a budget by making savvy choices. By carefully planning your accommodation, transportation, and food expenses, you can enjoy all that Japan has to offer without breaking the bank. Whether you choose to immerse yourself in historical sites, indulge in delicious cuisine, or explore quirky attractions, Japan can be an affordable and unforgettable travel experience.


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