Tick Travel Insurance: Protecting Your Journeys with Confidence

Airfares are on the rise, making overseas travel more expensive than ever before. In these uncertain times, having travel insurance can provide peace of mind and protect you from unexpected expenses. Tick is a trusted travel insurance provider that offers comprehensive coverage for international trips. In this article, we will explore Tick travel insurance, its packages, benefits, and COVID-19 coverage, so you can travel with confidence.

What is Tick Travel Insurance?

Tick travel insurance offers a range of packages that cover emergency expenses incurred during domestic and international travel. Depending on the policy type, Tick travel insurance covers overseas medical assistance, trip cancellations or changes due to COVID-19, lost or damaged baggage, rental car excess, and other additional expenses in certain cases.

Tick Travel Insurance Packages

Tick provides one-trip travel insurance for both domestic and international journeys. They offer four levels of international travel policies: Basic, Budget, Standard, and High. Tick travel insurance can also be upgraded to include winter sports cover, natural disaster cover, and coverage for specified items.

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The Benefits of Tick Travel Insurance

Tick offers a range of benefits that depend on the level of coverage you choose and any additional upgrades you opt for. Some key benefits include:

  • Coverage for trip cancellation or curtailment
  • Unlimited overseas medical coverage, including treatment, hospitalization, ambulance costs, and repatriation
  • Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions
  • Protection for lost baggage, valuables, money, and travel documents
  • Personal and legal liability coverage
  • Rental car excess waiver
  • Coverage for boarding pets in case of travel delays

Types of Coverage Offered by Tick Travel Insurance

Tick travel insurance provides different coverage options depending on the policy level. Here’s an overview of the major benefits and coverage offered by Tick’s international insurance policies:

Benefits Basic Budget Standard High
Overseas medical expenses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Trip cancellation Not covered AUD$5,000 AUD$5,000 AUD$20,000
Trip delay expenses Not covered Not covered Up to AUD$50 per 12 hours, up to AUD$500 Up to AUD$100 per 12 hours, up to AUD$1,000
Personal belongings AUD$2,000 AUD$2,500 AUD$4,000 AUD$7,500
Delayed baggage Not covered Not covered AUD$300 AUD$400
Passport and travel documents Not covered Not covered AUD$2,000 AUD$4,000
Money Not covered Not covered AUD$300 AUD$300
Personal liability AUD$1,000,000 AUD$1,000,000 AUD$1,500,000 AUD$3,000,000
COVID-19 expenses Not covered Not covered AUD$2,500 AUD$2,500
Rental car excess waiver Not covered Not covered AUD$2,000 AUD$4,000

(Source: Tick Travel Insurance – Benefits)

Tick Travel Insurance Rates and Eligibility

Tick travel insurance rates are based on factors such as the destination, duration of the trip, number of travelers, and their ages. The level of coverage you choose will also affect the premium amount. Tick travel insurance offers a standard excess of AUD$200 with all policies, along with additional upgrades if desired.

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To be eligible for Tick travel insurance, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You are a citizen, permanent resident, or valid visa holder of Australia
  • You have a valid Medicare card or private health insurance that meets visa requirements
  • Your age is below 69 for Basic level, below 79 for Budget level, and below 100 for Standard and High levels of Tick travel insurance
  • You are in Australia at the time of purchase

How to Purchase Tick Travel Insurance

You can easily purchase travel insurance with Tick online by following these steps:

  1. Fill in the quote generator form on the website’s homepage, providing details such as the destination, travel dates, number of travelers, and their ages.
  2. Compare the quotes provided and choose the level of coverage based on the benefits offered.
  3. Decide whether you want to include the AUD$200 excess or add additional coverage for natural disasters or winter sports.
  4. Provide your personal details and disclose any pre-existing medical conditions, if applicable.
  5. Enter your payment information and complete the purchase.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to download your policy documents. You can also access them by logging into your account.

Making a Claim with Tick Travel Insurance

Tick travel insurance offers three ways to file a claim: online through their website, via email by sending the claim form, or by mailing the printed form. Claims must be registered within 30 days after the completion of your trip. The claim form should be accompanied by supporting documents that provide evidence of ownership, value, and the event you’re claiming for.

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Tick Travel Insurance and COVID-19

Tick’s Standard and High one-trip overseas policies include insurance benefits related to COVID-19. If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, Tick will cover the medical expenses incurred, including emergency medical treatment, hospitalization, ambulance services, and repatriation costs.

Cancellation or trip disruption due to COVID-19 is also covered up to a maximum of AUD$2,500. This includes expenses for travel, accommodation, meals, and pre-booked activities that you can no longer attend. Please note that these benefits are not included in the Basic and Budget policies.

Additional Considerations

Here are some important points to keep in mind when considering Tick travel insurance:

  • Different policy levels offer different benefits, so it’s essential to review the Product Disclosure Statement for comprehensive information about inclusions, exclusions, limits, and eligibility criteria.
  • Tick allows you to select regions as destinations instead of specific countries. If you are traveling to multiple countries, you can purchase a policy for the region where you’ll be spending the most time.


Q: How can I contact Tick travel insurance?
A: You can contact the Tick team in several ways:

  • Existing customers can call Tick’s customer service team for policy extensions at +61242770913.
  • Fill in the form on their contact page for general inquiries.


Tick travel insurance offers comprehensive coverage for your domestic and international journeys, giving you peace of mind and protection against unforeseen expenses. With a range of packages and benefits, including coverage for COVID-19, Tick ensures that you can travel with confidence. To learn more and purchase travel insurance with Tick, visit their website today!

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