The Best Time to Visit Mexico City

Mexico City is a vibrant and diverse destination that offers something for every traveler. With its temperate weather, affordable accommodations, and rich culture, there’s really no wrong time to visit this bustling metropolis. Whether you’re a sunseeker, a budget traveler, or someone interested in experiencing Mexican culture, Mexico City has something to offer you.

March to May: Ideal for Sunseekers

If you’re looking for the perfect weather, plan your visit between March and May. During these months, Mexico City experiences idyllic temperatures, with highs around 26°C (mid to high 70ºF). This is also when the city’s purple jacaranda trees bloom, transforming the streets into a vibrant display of colors. Additionally, don’t miss the annual Vive Latino festival in March, which is a paradise for rock music fans.

June to August and December to February: Budget Breaks and Clear Skies

If you’re traveling on a budget, consider visiting Mexico City during the summer months (June to August) or between December and February. While these months are part of Mexico’s rainy season, you can still enjoy pleasant temperatures of around 26°C (79°F) during the day. Many hotels offer discounted rates during these periods, and the rain helps clear up the city’s air pollution.

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During your visit, explore the city’s outdoor markets, sample seasonal fruits and vegetables, and take advantage of August’s clear skies for cycling. In December, experience Las posadas (Christmas parties) and enjoy a quieter, less crowded city. Make sure to check the schedule of restaurants you plan to visit, as many establishments give their employees a winter break during Christmas and New Year’s.

September to November: Experience Mexican Culture

For a truly immersive cultural experience, plan your visit to Mexico City between September and November. While the weather may start to cool down during these months, it won’t hinder your exploration of the city’s popular events and cultural activities. In September, witness Mexican Independence Day celebrations on the 16th and experience the patriotic spirit.

In October, immerse yourself in the spirit of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Bakeries and sweet shops sell calaveras (sugar skulls) and pan de muerto (bread of the dead), and colorful ofrendas (altars) can be seen throughout the city. The month of November is particularly festive, with Day of the Dead celebrations taking center stage. The city comes alive with vibrant marigolds, elaborate ofrendas, and people of all ages sporting skeletal face paint.


Q: Is Mexico City crowded during the festivals?
A: Yes, festivals and events can attract large crowds, so it’s best to plan your visit and make accommodation arrangements in advance.

Q: What is the weather like in Mexico City during December?
A: December in Mexico City is cool and dry, with temperatures reaching highs of 20-22°C (68-71°F) during the day. Be prepared for colder temperatures in the evenings and nights.

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Q: Are there any religious holidays to be aware of in Mexico City?
A: Yes, Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe on December 12th is a significant religious holiday in Mexico City. You may witness pilgrims visiting the Basilica de Guadalupe to honor the patron saint of Mexico.


Mexico City is a year-round destination with something to offer every type of traveler. Whether you’re seeking sun, budget-friendly options, or a deep dive into Mexican culture, Mexico City has it all. Plan your visit accordingly, and immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of this incredible city.

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