The Best Travel Cards for Japan in 2023

Planning a trip to Japan in 2023? Discover the top travel cards that can make your experience even more convenient and cost-effective. Whether you’re exploring the bustling streets of Tokyo or visiting the serene temples in Kyoto, having the right travel card can enhance your journey. Read on to find out the best options for your travels in Japan.


1. Which card is best to use in Japan?

There’s no single best card to use in Japan. The ideal card for you will depend on your preferences and the features you require. Consider having a multi-currency account from providers like Wise or Revolut. These accounts allow you to hold and exchange JPY alongside dozens of other major currencies, providing you with convenience and flexibility.

2. What is the best way to pay when traveling in Japan?

While using your card is convenient, it’s always recommended to have multiple payment methods when traveling in Japan. For example, having two different debit or credit cards issued on different networks is a smart choice. Additionally, having some cash in Canadian dollars can be handy for situations when cards are not accepted.

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3. Can you withdraw cash with a credit card in Japan?

Yes, you can usually make cash withdrawals with a credit card in Japan at ATMs that support your card network. However, keep in mind that a fee may apply, and interest on the withdrawn amount may accumulate immediately. For lower-cost cash withdrawals in JPY, consider travel money debit cards offered by Wise and Revolut.

4. Can I use a US card in Japan?

Absolutely! You can use your US card anywhere you see the card network’s logo displayed. Visa and Mastercard networks are widely supported globally, including in Japan. So, look out for these options when choosing your travel debit card for Japan.

5. Are prepaid cards safe?

Prepaid cards from reputable providers are safe to use both at home and abroad. These cards are not linked to your main bank account, providing you with extra peace of mind. Additionally, prepaid cards can help you manage your travel budget effectively. However, ensure that you carefully review the card features and fees to find the best match for your needs.

6. What are the main fees for travel cards when traveling?

The fees associated with travel cards can vary depending on the provider and card type. Debit cards may incur ATM fees and currency conversion costs. However, providers like Wise and Revolut offer multi-currency accounts that can minimize currency conversion expenses. Credit card fees may include cash advance charges, foreign transaction fees, and interest.


Traveling to Japan can be an incredible experience, and having the right travel card can enhance your journey. Consider the features and benefits of different cards, such as those offered by Wise and Revolut, to find the best option for your needs. Start planning your trip now and make the most of your time in Japan with the perfect travel card.

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