Egypt: Safety Tips for Travelers

Egypt is a country rich in history and culture, attracting millions of tourists every year. However, it’s important for travelers to be aware of potential risks and take necessary precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Here are some key tips to keep in mind when traveling to Egypt:


Egypt faces a constant threat of terrorism, particularly in North Sinai. Attacks can occur indiscriminately and targets may include Egyptian security forces, religious sites, large public gatherings, and places visited by foreigners. It’s essential to remain vigilant at all times.


Terrorism during holiday periods

During religious festivals and holidays such as Ramadan and Christmas, there is an increased risk of terrorism, especially around religious sites. Terrorist attacks have occurred during local holiday weekends. It is advisable to follow the advice of Egyptian authorities and be cautious in crowds and large gatherings.

Airports and airlines

Terrorists in Egypt have the intent and capability to target airport buildings and planes. While the main threat is in the North Sinai Peninsula, terrorists are active throughout the country. Cooperate fully with security officials at airports and pay attention to security measures on flights from Egypt to the UK.

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Terrorist kidnap

There is a risk of kidnapping by groups operating in North Africa, particularly from Libya and the Sahel region. British nationals, including those engaged in tourism, humanitarian aid work, journalism, or business sectors, are considered potential targets. If kidnapped, the reason for your presence is unlikely to secure your safe release. The British government does not make substantive concessions to hostage-takers.

Political situation

Since 2011, Egypt has experienced significant political turmoil, and the political environment remains restrictive. Violent protests and disturbances have occurred, resulting in numerous deaths. Protests, marches, and demonstrations are common, and it is advisable to avoid them as situations can change quickly and without warning. The authorities may also close public areas at short notice. It is important to comply with local guidance to avoid fines or arrests.



While the overall crime rate in Egypt is low, visitors have reported incidents such as armed robberies, muggings (including in taxis), sexual assaults, and break-ins. Travelers should exercise extra caution when traveling alone, especially at night and in taxis and microbuses. If you are a victim of a crime, report it to the tourist police immediately.

Tips for Staying Safe

  • Be cautious when traveling alone, especially at night.
  • Avoid showing signs of wealth and keep valuables secure.
  • Dress modestly, particularly in rural areas, mosques, and markets.
  • Show respect for local traditions, customs, laws, and religions.
  • Make copies of important documents and store them separately from the originals.
  • Follow the advice of local authorities and trusted tour operators.
  • Be aware of the potential for scams and touts targeting tourists.
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These tips will help ensure a safer and more enjoyable experience while exploring the wonders of Egypt. Remember to stay informed and exercise caution at all times.


Q: What should I do in case of an emergency in Egypt?
A: In case of an emergency, contact the local authorities and your country’s embassy or consulate in Egypt for assistance.

Q: Can I take photos in Egypt?
A: While photography is generally allowed, there are restrictions in some areas. Seek permission before taking photos of individuals, especially military personnel and children. Avoid taking photos of sensitive locations or government buildings.

Q: Is it safe to drive in Egypt?
A: Driving in Egypt can be challenging due to poor road conditions, dangerous driving, and inadequate enforcement of traffic laws. It is best to exercise caution and consider hiring a local driver or using trusted transportation services.

Q: Are there any specific safety concerns for women traveling to Egypt?
A: Female travelers should take extra precautions when traveling alone, especially at night and in public transportation. Avoid sharing personal contact or social media details and use reputable service providers for tours and excursions.


Egypt is a captivating destination with a rich history and cultural heritage. By staying informed, following local advice, and taking necessary precautions, travelers can have a safe and memorable experience in this beautiful country. Remember to prioritize your safety and enjoy all that Egypt has to offer.

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