Review: Covermore Travel Insurance

Introduction: Are you planning your next domestic or international trip? Look no further than Covermore travel insurance. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Covermore continues to provide comprehensive coverage for travelers. Let’s explore what sets them apart and why they are worth considering for your next adventure.

Covermore Travel Insurance Plans

Covermore offers a range of travel insurance plans to suit different types of travelers. They provide both domestic and international coverage, with two levels of cover within each choice. Whether you are planning a single trip or multiple journeys throughout the year, Covermore has you covered.

Premium International Travel Insurance

Covermore’s ‘Premium’ travel insurance plan is their most comprehensive policy. It includes unlimited overseas medical cover, insurance against travel delays, and more. This plan is available for single-trip policies as well as annual multi-trip insurance.

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Medical Only International Travel Insurance

If you are primarily concerned about having coverage for medical expenses abroad, Covermore’s Medical Only cover may be suitable for you. While it does not offer as much coverage for other aspects, such as personal liability, it provides peace of mind for medical emergencies.

Domestic Travel Insurance

For journeys within Australia, Covermore offers a standard domestic travel insurance plan. This coverage can be purchased for a single trip or for 12 months of domestic-only travels. Although it does not include overseas medical cover, it does provide protection for common expenses like travel delays, lost luggage, and rental car insurance excess within Australia.

Domestic Cancellation Travel Insurance

Covermore also offers Domestic Cancellation Travel Insurance, which covers trip cancellation for single-trip policies. While it does not provide extensive coverage for other aspects, such as personal liability, it offers financial protection in case you need to cancel your journey.

What does Covermore Travel Insurance cover?

Covermore offers a variety of coverage options under each travel insurance plan. In addition to the basics, they also provide additional coverage for activities like snow sports. It’s essential to review Covermore’s Product Disclosure Statement for the full details of coverage, as well as any applicable conditions, limits, and exclusions.

Covermore: Exceptional Medical Cover

If you find yourself needing to make a medical claim during your travels, Covermore has you covered. Their plans offer coverage for eligible medical expenses overseas. It’s worth mentioning that the Medical Only International plan does not include coverage for out-of-pocket costs while in an overseas hospital. For more comprehensive coverage, consider the Premium International plan.

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Delay, Cancellation, and Inconvenience Cover

Covermore understands that travel disruptions can happen. While they do not provide coverage for COVID-19-related claims, they offer protection for other unexpected events. If your journey is disrupted, Covermore will cover out-of-pocket expenses, subject to policy limits. It’s important to note that their coverage for travel delays only includes additional accommodation expenses, not meals, transport, or telephone charges.

Luggage and Property Cover

Losing your luggage can be a nightmare, but with Covermore, you’re in good hands. They provide coverage for lost property, with certain limitations and claim sub-limits. It’s essential to review their policy documents for specific information on item limits, especially for valuable belongings like jewelry and technology.

Liability Cover

While liability claims are rare, Covermore offers coverage in case you are held liable for a covered event during your travels. It’s important to note that their excess cover for hire cars only applies to the excess amount payable under another insurance policy. It does not cover costs related to the damage or theft of a hire car.

Covermore: Unexpected Travel Expenses

Sometimes travel plans change unexpectedly. Covermore offers coverage for unexpected travel expenses, including early returns and resumption of journeys. However, specific conditions and limits apply, so it’s essential to check their policy terms for the maximum coverage amount.

Snow Sports Cover

If you plan to engage in snow sports during your trip, it’s important to have adequate coverage. Covermore offers optional snow sports cover as an add-on to their regular policies. Keep in mind that engaging in snow sports without purchasing this additional coverage may result in limited protection under other aspects of your policy.

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Claim Excess

Most claims with Covermore are subject to an excess. The default excess amount is $250 per claim, but this can be adjusted at the time of purchasing a policy. Lowering the excess may result in a higher premium upfront. It’s important to review the policy documents for any additional caps, limits, or exclusions that may apply.

Key Exclusions

Every travel insurance policy has exclusions, and Covermore is no exception. They do not provide coverage for travel provider insolvency, such as airline bankruptcy. However, they do not exclude claims based on the Australian Government’s “do not travel” warnings. If you receive a government exemption to travel overseas, Covermore will continue to provide coverage.

Covermore and COVID-19

While Covermore continues to sell travel insurance, they do not provide coverage for claims related to COVID-19. This includes medical costs, government restrictions, quarantine expenses, missed flights, or changes to plans due to COVID-19. It’s important to keep this in mind when considering your travel insurance needs during the pandemic.


Covermore travel insurance stands out as a reliable option for travelers seeking comprehensive coverage. Despite the exclusions related to COVID-19, they continue to offer reliable protection for a wide range of travel situations. With their range of plans, exceptional medical coverage, and additional benefits like earning Velocity Points, Covermore is a trustworthy choice for your next adventure.


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