Gender-Sensitive Seating Introduced to Address Groping Incidents on Flights

Groping incidents on flights have unfortunately become all too common. Many victims have woken up to a shocking reality of being groped by fellow passengers during their journey. This problem is not confined to a specific airline; it has affected travelers worldwide. One such incident happened to me on a flight from New York to Amman in Jordan back in the early 2000s. While it was a long and uncomfortable experience, I chose not to confront the perpetrator and instead silently endured the journey. At that time, I believed that it would take more than one person to make a difference and bring about change.

Fortunately, there is an airline that has taken a significant step in addressing this issue. Air India now offers a female-only seating row on their domestic flights. This initiative was implemented as a response to the growing number of reported groping incidents. Meenakshi Malik, Air India’s revenue management chief, stated that they will be reserving six seats in the economy class for female passengers traveling alone. This move aims to enhance the comfort and safety of female passengers, and there is no additional cost associated with choosing these seats. Passengers can request them up to an hour before check-in.

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Moreover, Air India has also introduced “gender-sensitive” seating for women traveling alone. This means that solo female passengers will no longer have to sit between two adult males, particularly in the middle seat. On average, about 10% of passengers on Air India flights are solo women. The objective of these new seating arrangements is to ensure that women traveling alone or with children feel more comfortable and secure during their flights.

Air India’s gender-sensitive seating initiative aligns with India’s existing policies of offering “safety” compartments for women on public transport. Long-distance train trips have dedicated “Ladies Cars,” and Delhi’s metro trains also have sections designated for women. Other airlines, such as British Airways, Qantas, Air New Zealand, and Virgin Australia, have implemented policies that prevent unaccompanied children from being seated next to adult males on flights.

Unfortunately, such airlines are still limited in number, and incidents of groping continue to occur on other carriers. For example, a male passenger allegedly groped a female co-passenger on an IndiGo flight in India. In the United States, a federal lawsuit was filed against Delta after flight attendants failed to intervene when an intoxicated male passenger groped a mother and her teenage daughter. Similar stories have emerged involving carriers like Alaska, Spirit, JetBlue, and United as well.

While it remains unlikely that American carriers will implement gender-sensitive seat policies or ladies’ rows in the near future, Air India’s proactive approach should serve as an example for the industry. Their efforts to address the issue of groping incidents on flights demonstrate their commitment to passenger safety and comfort.

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Q: Will I have to pay extra for the female-only seats or gender-sensitive seating on Air India flights?
A: No, there is no additional cost associated with choosing these seats. Female passengers traveling alone can request these seats up to an hour before check-in.

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Q: Are other airlines implementing similar seating policies to address groping incidents?
A: While some airlines like British Airways, Qantas, Air New Zealand, and Virgin Australia have policies that prevent unaccompanied children from sitting next to adult males, the implementation of gender-sensitive seat policies or ladies’ rows on planes is still limited.

Q: Are incidents of groping common on flights?
A: Unfortunately, groping incidents on flights have become increasingly common, with reports emerging from various airlines globally.


Air India’s introduction of female-only seating and gender-sensitive seating is a commendable move towards addressing the problem of groping incidents on flights. By prioritizing passenger safety and comfort, Air India sets an example for the industry to follow. It is our collective responsibility to create a safe and inclusive environment for all travelers.

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