The Ultimate Guide to Safe Travel in India

India is a diverse and exciting country to explore, but safety is a concern for many travelers, especially for women. As someone who has traveled extensively in India, including solo journeys, I understand these concerns. Drawing from my personal experience and the experiences of others, I have compiled a list of simple tips to help you travel safely in India.

1. Dealing with Touts

The Indian travel industry is notorious for touts who try to scam unsuspecting tourists. To avoid falling into their traps, it is crucial to book your tours through a reputable travel company. Look for companies that have received recognition, such as Ecoplore, an eco-travel company in India recognized by the United Nations.

Traveling in India

2. Connect with the Locals

You’ll find that many locals in India are incredibly friendly and helpful. Whether you need directions, recommendations for food, or even a hitchhike, locals are often willing to assist. However, it’s important to trust your instincts and assess the genuineness of an individual before fully trusting them.

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3. Nighttime Safety

If you are in a remote area, it is advisable to stay indoors after dark as most activities in villages come to a close. However, in towns and cities, you can venture out at night while avoiding unsafe areas.

4. Dress Modestly

To respect local customs and avoid drawing unnecessary attention, it is recommended to dress modestly, particularly outside metro cities.

5. Learn Self-Defense

As a traveler, it’s always valuable to learn self-defense moves. Knowing the right techniques can be incredibly useful in case of a physical attack. Consider carrying pepper spray in your purse for added protection.

Pepper Spray

6. Have Emergency Contacts Handy

Inform your local contacts, such as friends, relatives, or your tour operator, about your travel plans and provide them with your contact number. In case of any emergency, reach out to them immediately.

7. Opt for Women-Only Accommodations

If you are a female traveler, choose accommodations that have dedicated women’s sections or coaches in trains. Buses and trains also have seats reserved for women.

8. Respect Local Culture

India is a country of diverse cultures and traditions. When visiting religious places, such as Gurudwaras, ensure that you follow the customs. For example, cover your head with a scarf while visiting the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Embrace and respect the local customs as much as possible to foster cultural understanding.

India is a unique country with a lot to offer. While we still have room to grow in terms of openness and acceptance, the hospitality you will experience here will be truly memorable. As a foreigner, you will be treated with warmth and people will be eager to click pictures with you. It truly happens only in India!

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Q: Is India safe for solo female travelers?
A: While safety concerns exist, taking precautions such as booking through reputable companies and staying alert can help ensure a safe journey. It’s always advisable to be cautious and follow local customs.

Q: Are there any specific safety tips for senior travelers?
A: Senior citizens planning to travel in India may find it helpful to have a travel escort. This can provide peace of mind and make the journey hassle-free.


By following these tips, you can have a safe and enjoyable journey in India. Remember to book tours through reputable companies, connect with locals, dress modestly, learn self-defense, and respect the local culture. India offers a unique travel experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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