You Won’t Believe Who Lives in Your Neighborhood

You would be amazed to discover the number of famous individuals who live in your very own neighborhood. They may be tucked away in hidden valleys, nestled in the bush, or even living right under your nose. From Hollywood superstars to local icons, we are here to uncover their stories in our exciting monthly feature.

One such pair of celebrities are Kevin Moloney and Janetta (Jet) Stones, who rose to fame as stars of Channel Nine’s Travel Guides. Recently, they sat down with the Express to talk about their lives, adventures, and their move to the countryside.

A Journey from Melbourne to Maldon

Both born and raised in Melbourne, Jet started her career in the fashion industry while Kevin worked in HR at Trans Australia Airlines. Fate brought them together, and their love story commenced. Years later, they stumbled upon an 1861 miner’s cottage in Maldon, a small town in Victoria. Intrigued by its charm, they made a swift decision to purchase it, bidding farewell to their life in Abbotsford.

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Love for Travel and Restoration

Jet and Kevin’s passion for travel was nurtured during their time working for the airline, and it continues to drive them even today. After retiring in 2012, they decided to extend and renovate their beloved cottage, adding secret rooms, hidden doors, and traditional elements while preserving its historical essence. However, their desire for new challenges led them to sell their home and acquire a new project, just 400 meters down the road. Though initially skeptical, the transformation turned out to be a resounding success, leaving them with a unique and beautiful home.

Jet-Setting Adventures

Shortly before their move, Jet saw an advertisement for a new travel show on TV. Intrigued, she applied without hesitation, against Kevin’s doubts. Through a series of interviews and tests, they secured a spot as cast members on Travel Guides, a role that would change their lives forever. Since then, they have filmed 55 episodes over seven seasons, exploring destinations worldwide.

Their adventures have taken them to breathtaking places like Cambodia, Queensland, and Hawaii, where they’ve indulged in unique experiences like eating deep-fried tarantulas, jumping out of airplanes, and zip-lining above active volcanoes. However, what sets their travels on the show apart from their personal journeys is the element of surprise. They are given minimal information about their destination until they arrive at the airport, adding an exciting uncertainty to their trips.

Unexpected Stardom

Being part of Travel Guides has not only opened doors to incredible experiences but has also made them recognizable figures. Jet and Kevin are now stopped on the street by fans who want to share stories with them. Their journey even led them to the Logies, a prestigious Australian television awards ceremony, where they were nominated and won an award for Most Popular Lifestyle Program. The Logies, which they once dismissed, became an event they eagerly anticipate, relishing the opportunity to dress up and rub shoulders with Australia’s celebrities.

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A Charmed Life

Reflecting on their journey, Jet and Kevin feel immensely grateful for the charmed life they lead. Their retirement plans took an unexpected turn, but they couldn’t be happier with the detour. Travel Guides has given them a lifestyle they consider themselves fortunate to have. As they embark on the first trip of Season 8, their excitement is palpable. Although they have no clue where they’re headed, they secretly hope it’s Peru, adding another thrilling chapter to their adventurous lives.


  • Q: How did Jet and Kevin meet?

    • A: They met while working at Trans Australia Airlines in Melbourne.
  • Q: How did Jet and Kevin become cast members on Travel Guides?

    • A: Jet applied after seeing an advertisement for the show, and Kevin joined her later in the application process.
  • Q: How many episodes of Travel Guides have they filmed?

    • A: They have filmed 55 episodes over seven seasons.


Jet and Kevin’s journey from Melbourne to Maldon and their subsequent adventures on Travel Guides have turned their lives into something truly extraordinary. They’ve experienced the thrill of unexpected travel and gained recognition from fans and industry accolades. As they embark on another season of exploration, their dedication and love for adventure continue to inspire those around them.

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