iBlog: Making Visa Services from Thailand to Australia Easier for Couples


Finding a reliable and experienced visa service provider can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to visa applications from Thailand to Australia. However, with iBlog, couples can rest assured that their visa process will be handled efficiently and professionally. As the leading Australian Registered Migration Agents in Asia, iBlog has helped numerous Australian-Thai couples obtain Partner Visas and start their lives together in Australia.

The Expert Visa Services You Need

iBlog specializes in managing Spouse Visa applications, also known as Partner Visas, Marriage Visas, Spousal Visas, or De Facto Visas. They also handle Fiancee Visa applications, such as Prospective Marriage Visas or Fiance Visas, for couples who want to be together and start their lives. Additionally, iBlog manages Tourist Visas and Family Visas from Thailand to Australia for these couples.

Visa Services

The Onshore Partner Visa (Subclass 820) is the most popular visa option for couples in Thailand wanting to go to Australia due to its faster processing time. With this visa, applicants can apply from within Australia and stay in the country on a Bridging Visa until the grant is finalized.

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Meet the Migration Agent Who Cares

At iBlog, you’ll work with Jeff Harvie, a registered migration agent who is dedicated to helping Australian-Thai couples. With his reputation for providing straightforward and honest advice, Jeff is known as the go-to migration agent for Australian men all over the country. He ensures that your situation is assessed accurately and provides you with practical solutions tailored to your needs. Jeff’s commitment to honesty and integrity means he will never suggest anything that he doesn’t believe will work.

A Trusted Source for Australian Visas

iBlog is your trusted source for qualified visa and immigration advice. As a family-run practice, they take a personalized approach to every case. They have a deep understanding of the complexities and stresses involved in the visa process and are committed to supporting you every step of the way.

With their office based in Manila, iBlog is conveniently located at the heart of Southeast Asia. They focus specifically on managing Partner Visas and Prospective Marriage Visas to Australia from Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and China. By specializing in visas for couples and their families, iBlog has developed extensive experience and expertise in this field.


Q: Can iBlog assist with Australian Tourist Visas?

Yes, iBlog can help you organize an Australian Tourist Visa from Thailand.

Q: Can iBlog assist with Parent Visas?

Yes, iBlog can assist with Sponsored Parent visas, allowing your parent or parents from Thailand to stay in Australia for 3, 5, or even longer durations.

Q: Can iBlog help with Child Visas from Thailand to Australia?

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Yes, iBlog can help with Dependent Child Visas and Child Visas for Australian Thai couples.


With iBlog, the visa application process from Thailand to Australia becomes much smoother and less stressful. Their expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional service make them the top choice for Australian-Thai couples seeking to be together in Australia. Trust iBlog to handle your visa application with care and efficiency, ensuring that you can start your new life together as soon as possible.

For more information and to get started on your visa application, visit iBlog.

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